Step Into Spring With The Fire Barn

The Fire Barn Preston

Get ready to enjoy the spring season with a brand new fireplace. Adding a beautifully warm aesthetic to your home, they provide a comfort we crave in the lighter seasons. Elegant and stylistic, fireplaces can provide the perfect finishing touch to your home for all to enjoy.

There are a huge variety of fireplaces to choose from in today’s market, offering different sizes, colours, designs and so much more. Take a look at our range of beautiful fireplaces and find out which is the best for you and your home.


Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplaces allow you to enjoy the flickering flames of a fire in your home without the chopping, splitting, and stacking logs or taking the time to build a fire. A gas fireplace starts up with the touch of a button or flip of a switch, and significant warmth and comfort is immediately provided.

Choose from various mounting options, including free-standing fireplaces, wall-mounted gas fireplaces, and a built-in gas fireplace insert.


Wood-Burning Fireplace

Wood-burning fireplaces have the least expensive type of fuel and the most beautiful ambiance when it comes to warming your home. Just as it says in the name, a wood-burning stove is an appliance that’s used to burn wood for the purpose of heating a home or indoor space.

These types of fireplaces are designed to safely contain a fire, consisting of a firebox, a ventilation pipe and a chimney. They are also extremely environmentally friendly. Regarded as a carbon neutral form of energy, a tree will absorb the amount of carbon dioxide roughly emitted when it is burned on a wood burning stove or fire. It is thus a provider of ‘green’ heat.

By placing an order today, we’ll guarantee your fire will be with you for Summer and you’ll beat the usual Spring rush we experience so you’ll be first of the line.


At The Fire Barn, we offer a great range of fireplaces made from marble, stone, wood-solid or laminates and even cast iron inserts for a traditional look. We are more than happy to amend a style or create something from a few pictures or even what is in your own head!

Whatever it is you’re looking for, we can find it or design it, confirm it, make it, supply it, deliver it, then fit it, so they know you love it!

If you would like to find out more about our plethora of wood burning stoves and exceptional services, simply get in touch with our friendly team today by calling 01772 811722 and we will be happy to help.