Need Some Tips on How to Clean Your Log Burner?

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Wood Burning Stoves are a stunning focal point for any room. One of the main factors to consider with these styles of stoves is their maintenance and upkeep. A dirty stove prevents it from working to its full potential.

A clean stove ensures efficiency and increases the lifespan of your stove. Here are some great tips on how you can clean your log burner.

What Are Wood Burning Stoves?

Wood Burning Stoves are an effective and environmentally friendly method of heating. Incredibly easy to use, simply add fresh logs on the fire to add more fuel. The effect is hugely positive for wood burning because logs combust more effectively & evenly when resting on a bed of ashes, giving you maximum efficiency & heat output from your wood burning stove.

Cleaning the Interior

​When cleaning the interior of your wood burning stove, it is imperative to wait for the fire to cool before you attempt to empty the ash. Always ensure you are wearing gloves when doing this. Next, carefully use a small spade to move the ash from the fire into a metal ash container whilst trying to avoid spilling the ash – this can be very messy!

It’s important to remember not keep ashes stored inside your house. This can cause carbon monoxide to build up and eventually spread through your home. Ensure you take the ashes outside before disposing of them.

Cleaning the Exterior

The exterior of your wood burning fire is a quick and simple job to maintain and clean. Use a standard hoover and any soft brush attachments to remove traces of dust or ash. If you can do this quite regularly; every 2 or 4 weeks, it will prevent any build up that can potentially damage the exterior of your stove.

It’s recommended to use a dry cloth to clean the exterior, never use a damp cloth as it can cause rust over time.

Cleaning the Glass Door

There’s a hack when it comes to cleaning the glass door on your wood burning fire. Using a cold piece of charcoal from your stove, dampen it using water, and then rub it on the inside of the glass. Then, using a piece of kitchen roll, wipe away the excess moisture and you should have yourself a perfectly clean glass window – it’s as easy as that! 

Cleaning Your Chimney

Continuous use of your wood burning stove can lead to a build-up of soot in your chimney. If this occurs, it prevents smoke from being expelled properly. One of the most common methods of cleaning your chimney is to use a drain rod with a brush attached to clear the chimney.

Alternatively, you can hire a chimney sweep to ensure your chimney is cleaned to professional standards.

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